Custom Tailoring

From fabric and fit to buttons and lining, our suits

are  highly customizable, with more options

available than many other brands.



How It Works

Our clients receive the advice of an image

consultant every step of the way.




Your consultant will help you choose each detail of your custom

suit based on your needs, personality, and lifestyle.




The Fits (Find Your Style)

Our suits are super lightweight, comfortable, high quality,

and well constructed. Choose from the following styles to get

started and customize along the way.

Personal Shopping

This premium service offers your personal certified image & fashion consultant working with you to build your custom suit in the comfort of your own home or office.

Our Company

Singh Styles prides itself in creating custom menswear from imported luxury fabrics, with hand-stitched details and fully handmade suits available. We work with world-renowned brands to bring our clients an extensive selection of fabrics from Europe and Asia.

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